Friday, January 13, 2012

Small Bar (Logan Square)

Last night, we visited Small Bar in Logan Square, located at 2956 N. Albany Ave at Albany and Wellington. Now, folks, there are two other Small Bars--one on Division in Wicker Park and one on Fullerton in Lincoln Park. So if you're meeting people at Small Bar, make sure to specify which location. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, play the Small Bar version of Russian roulette. Everybody wins! Sometimes! One out of three!

My friends just happen to live half a block away from Small Bar and get together every Thursday night for "Small Bar Thursday." They know the bartenders and have even joked about setting up cots inside for the winter. Apparently, some people have actually done that when a crazy winter storm swept through the city. Stuck in a bar with beer and food? I'd be all about it.

Small Bar has a surprisingly appetizing menu. It's bar food but they've upped the ante. My friend Becca is a mac and cheese fanatic. When I say fanatic, I mean comparable to a 13-year-old girl geeking out over Justin Bieber releasing a new song called "I Heart U" that she thinks Bieber wrote specifically for her. Becca is a mac and cheese fanatic and Small Bar changes their mac and cheese every week, using different cheese or toppings. I've had it a few times and it is choice. Just tops.

They have stellar specials and all the drinks are relatively cheap, but, man, if you pick one of those fancy craft beers, you just need one and you're buzzed. Well, maybe that's just me because I'm a major lightweight. That's what they call me, One Drink Bru. Or Two Drink Bru if it's Saturday.

Small Bar lives up to its name; it's small. But the people are great, the bartenders are nice, the food is yum, the music is best. It's tucked away in an unsuspecting part of the neighborhood. It's one of those places that the people within a few blocks gravitate toward because it's kind of the only cool bar in the immediate area, unless you walk to the Milwaukee Avenue strip of Logan Square.

Here's the website for more info and daily drink specials: Small Bar

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