Monday, January 16, 2012

Schubas Tavern (Lakeview)

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Schubas is cozy, homey, there's a bar, there's a cafe, there's a stage, all in different segments of the building. The building has been at Southport and Belmont since 1903, starting out as a Schiltz brewery, but Schubas itself has only been around since 1988 when Chris and Michael Schuba bought the establishment. The brothers restored the building to its original greatness and made the place what it is now.

I've seen bands at Schubas, I've seen stand-up, no matter what, I always have a good time. You feel welcome when you're there. I don't know what it is about that place. You can hang out in the bar while a show is going on in the back, or you can eat some food at the Harmony Grill, it feels like you're chilling at a friend's place. Super relaxed and laid back.

But last night we saw White Mystery as part of the closing festivities of Tomorrow Never Knows Fest, which was a week long fest with music and comedy taking place at some of the best venues in the city: Lincoln Hall, Schubas, the Hideout, Metro, and Smartbar.

These curly, red-headed kids. 

White Mystery is the sister and brother duo of Alex White (guitar/vocals) and Francis White (drums/vocals). You would think that two instruments could not wield much power or any face-melting at all, but, alas, my fine friends, your face shall, and will, be swiftly melted off by this seriously rockin' bad ass band. I also have a major girl crush on Alex White. She's an incredible performer and an amazing talent on guitar. Their garage rock sound is fresh, but vintage-sounding, and always elicits head banging.

What's great about Schubas is how close you are to the band. We camped out right up front and were about five feet away from the performers.

Alex White

Francis White

Check out Schubas. Check out White Mystery.

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  1. Dear Bru: I appreciate your historical coverage of this matter and demand more of the same. Love LWL.