Sunday, January 15, 2012

Debonair (Wicker Park)

The ever famous red light-up wall at Debonair.

Oh, Debonair, how many nights I have spent sweating and dancing my little booty off until 3 AM within your red light-up walls. Located at 1575 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Debonair Social Club is Wicker Park's dance club. When I hear the word 'club,' I think sandwich, but I also think of Jersey Shore people, for some reason, stinkin' up the joint with their yuck cologne, grabbing women, Ed Hardy clothes, fist pumping, hair gel. This place is, thankfully, not Jersey Shore-ish, but actually attracts quite an eclectic variety of people. Yeah, Wicker Park is full of young, hip people, but it draws in folks from all neighborhoods and backgrounds. Don't get me wrong, if you go with some gal pals, you are going to get dudes trying to boogie up on your bod whether you want them to or not, it's just science. Sometimes, a guy might even repeatedly come up to you throughout the evening and tell you you look like Sara Bareilles and ask you when your next single is coming out. True story.

With two levels of inviting dance floor, you have plenty of opportunity to bust out those bangin' dance moves of yours. The upstairs played Top 40 hits and an unreasonable amount of dubstep, which I do NOT know how to dance to and instead just kind of uncomfortably move my hands in a slow robot motion and tightly close my eyes while waiting for the DJ to transition to the next song. But downstairs was playing the jamz, yep, jamz with a 'z.' I can pretty much dance anywhere and be happy but it's much more fun when I can sing along with the songs.

Debonair is where you go to shake your butt, and shake it hard.

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