Thursday, January 26, 2012

Laurie's Planet of Sound (Lincoln Square)

4639 N. Lincoln Avenue

In 2010, Rolling Stone named Laurie's Planet of Sound #11 out of the 25 best record stores in the country. In the country!!! That means, tucked away on the Northwest side of the city, is a special, rare, delicious gem in my Lincoln Square 'hood that I don't want anyone else to know about. I should tell everyone else about it, though, because it is kick ass. Between new and used vinyl, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and books, Laurie's has some of the best collections of most record stores in the city.

Who got it? I would like to know so we can hang out.

The place, simply put, is cool. And rad. It is also quaint and welcoming. Every time I walk in there I have to ask the staff what music is playing over the speakers because I always dig it. I thought I was fairly up on what new music is coming out but Laurie's is a few steps ahead of me. The joint is also silly and goofy, which is right up my alley, because of all the random movies and album they stash. You could spend at least an hour sifting through all the goodies. Can you just look at the album covers below for a sec?

Dreamin' of mullets

If you're not into records, do not fret, they have a pretty decent used DVD selection, too. They usually only have one of a certain film (duh, because of the 'used' thing) but I've picked up a number of cheap movies from there despite that. Also, just want to say, Adventures of Pete and Pete and Pee Wee's Playhouse are among the fantastic merchandise that I saw on the shelves. And even if you aren't into records, they are fun to look through and see how men confidently wear mullets and women sport painted on eyebrows with no shame.

The staff is knowledgeable about music and you should not be afraid of them or feel like you are being judged. At least that is what I read in some Yelp! reviews about people who are clearly insecure with themselves or their purchases. Own up to your Paul Bogush, Jr. purchase, man! Don't act like you're not "dreamin' of love" either, because we all know you are.

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