Monday, January 16, 2012

Quenchers Saloon (Logan Square)


I have walked past, waited for the bus near, and driven past Quenchers at Western and Fullerton a bunch of times, and always wondered what it was like inside. On Saturday, the two forces met--Quenchers and Bru, Bru and Quenchers, it was like magic, or at least smelled like magic, and by magic I mean popcorn because there was a popcorn machine inside. 

We went to see Sleep Out, a friend's band, and they rocked the house. As in a previously mentioned post, I love live music, and the fact that this band was good made it a pleasing experience indeed. I stand there with a goofy smile on my face, bobbing my head up and down, rocking my shoulders side to side, and tapping my foot. I'm a happy gal when there is music playing. 

Sleep Out

There are two rooms at Quenchers; one where the bar and tables are and one where the band plays. It's nice because when you're sitting in the bar area you can still hear the band but you don't have to scream at the top of your lungs like you're at a Guns N' Roses concert. Do people still reference Guns N' Roses? Would it be loud at a Guns N' Roses concert or just sad? Are they still a band?? I have so many questions. Anyway, we drank, and ate free popcorn, threw some free popcorn at one another, and had a grand 'ol time. 

I just glanced at their calendar and Quenchers seems like a variety show! You got improv, you got poetry readings, you got open mics, you got music, you got a Warren Zevon birthday party (1/26, for the record). I'd hit up any of that fun and I recommend you do as well.

Heads up--the joint is cash only but they have an ATM inside. 

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