Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Margie's Candies (Bucktown)

Love that ice cream from Margie's! (sung to Popeye's jingle)
Ice cream choices!!

My friends Erik and Daniel had never been to Margie's Candies, despite Daniel growing up in Chicago. Erik was from California so he received no shit whatsoever from me. I quickly voiced my astonishment to Daniel, "You've never been to Margie's??? AHHHHHH!!!" and my anticipation for them rapidly ballooned as my eyes grew wider the closer we got to the legendary ice cream and candy shop. We all ordered a variation on the basic sundae, which is two heaping scoops of your choice of flavor, whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top. When our ice cream arrived, Daniel didn't speak or make eye contact with us for the entire five minutes it took him to inhale his treat; a testament to Margie's wonder.

Erik watches as Daniel beats the Guinness world record for fastest sundae eating
You first walk into the joint and smell chocolate, heavenly, decadent chocolate. Then you start seeing mondo amounts of ice cream sitting in these white shell-shaped dishes, and think, Man, that's a lot of ice cream. That's probably the mega size. NOPE! That's the regular size and you are going to eat all of it because once you start you can't stop. 

Just looka dat. Mm mm me oh my.
Margie's has been an ice cream lover's paradise since 1921. The shop was named Margie's in 1933 after the owner's son, George Peter Poulous, married Margie Michaels. Holy crap, that's adorable. I want an ice cream parlor named after me. Between homemade ice cream, candy, chocolate, pie, and fudge, your persistent sweet tooth is satisfied. The decor looks like your grandma's basement: curtains hanging in the windows, framed pictures everywhere, wood paneling, and your grandma is probably there, too, because your grandma loves ice cream. And on a warm summer night, there is nothing better than grabbing a cone from Margie's and sitting outside on the sidewalk in a plastic lawn chair. Because your grandma has plastic lawn chairs! 

There is something else I need to mention; the hot fudge. I could talk for ten solid minutes about this homemade hot fudge business. Basically, any ice cream dish you order will come with a side of hot fudge to drench/complement your ice cream. It comes to you in a little gravy boat. Does that seem like a lot? NO. Because you will eat ALL of it even if you choose not to put all of it on your ice cream and you will pour it directly into your mouth because that's what America means to you and if anyone else tries to take your fudge from you, there will be hell to pay. But if you run out of fudge, they will bring you more! OMG. MORE HOT FUDGE FOR FREE. 

I've been here numerous times and not once have I ever been disappointed. I've left feeling like I wanted to barf from so much ice cream, but a little walking does wonders to a belly full of happiness.

GO HERE. GO HERE. GO HERE. And if you are lactose intolerant, I do apologize for rubbing this place in your face. Take a pound of Lactaid before?
It's so pleasant here
Margie's lives at 1960 N. Western Ave. in Bucktown, a block north of the Western Blue line
A second location lives at 1813 W. Montrose Ave. right under the Montrose Brown line

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