Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Haymaker (Andersonville)

5507 N. Clark Street, Andersonville
A couple bikes in the back
Few items are truly handmade anymore. All our clothes are made in factories, our food is over processed in factories, and our society runs on instant gratification while in factories. Okay, that last one about the factories isn't true. Enter: Haymaker. A shop filled with wooden, handmade, gorgeous pieces of work by local artists and creators. I've been to those brick-and-mortar Etsy stores but Haymaker felt different to me. For one, there was furniture galore: tables, credenzas, dressers, chairs, mirrors. For two, it has unique items I haven't seen anywhere else. It's really a home decor store with sweet pieces of furniture.

My grandpa was a woodworker and I remember helping him sand a bookshelf or paint a figurine. I still have a bookshelf he made and could not bear to ever get rid of it. The time, effort, and patience it takes to create something by hand is an art I will always respect. It feels like the handmade movement could make a great comeback if everyone participated. Those unique items are ones you will have for years and years and will maybe even pass down to your kids if you feel like having kids. But until then, SHOP HERE. It may be a tad pricey, but it's because everything is made here in 'Merica with high quality materials and with HANDS, REAL HUMAN HANDS, NOT ROBOT HANDS.

My boo thang bought me one of those towels
for my house and I love it forever.
Also received one of these handmade clocks and
it hangs in my kitchen and I love it forever.

Haymaker's site:

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